"We trapped 130 starlings the first day." Doug Peters

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V-Top Starling & Sparrow Trap: $615 plus shipping.

  • Can trap up to 50 starlings, sparrows and cowbirds at a time. (Trapping is the only effective way to deal with sparrows and cowbirds.)
  • 5 ft X 5 ft X 6 ft tall
  • Constructed of 14 panels of 1/2" X 1" 16 gauge galvanized welded wire mesh, on 1/4 " steel rod frame.  
  • 4 steel corner posts with interlocking panels
  • Used on farms, feed lots, airports and universities.
  • Info on trapping brown-headed cowbirds. Legal in many areas.
  • Breaks down for storage and sets up in about 30 minutes.
  • Never has to be reset.
  • VIP: We supply trapping tips from professional bird trappers.
  • Shipping wt:150 lbs. Shipped from Arizona via FEDEX.
  • Made in the USA

To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622. E-mail us at: JimB@birddamage.com for questions.

V-Top with 5 ft walk-in door. $675



Use link to see customers using the V-top trap:

When scare devices are not providing good enough control, the only option left is to trap the birds. There are several traps designed today which work for just about any nuisance bird you may encounter. Trapping birds is easy. First, you need to establish a feeding location. This is done by placing a known seed or food they like to eat at a specific place. Do this daily. The goal is to get the target birds feeding where you will be able to set a trap.

If you have a specific food item birds are attracted to, it makes sense to use that item as the attractant. Other choices of attractants include cracked corn for pigeons, old bakery goods for starlings, sunflower seeds and millet for sparrows. Try to use a location that will make the birds comfortable. Such areas include a flat roof, in the birds fly way near the barn or building, a large vacant lot or asphalt area, wide open fields, or elevated platforms.

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