Scare Windmill: $89

  • Blades painted with special uv light reflecting paint. (Recently, researchers discovered 50 percent of a bird's vision is in the ultra-violet frequency range.)
  • To the turkeys the uniquely painted spinning blades look like the flapping of wings of a flock of birds taking off in fright.
  • Double bearing for longer life.
  • 36" diameter blades repel birds in up to a one acre area. Save $45 on a carton of 5 windmills.
  • Found effective on small birds, Canada geese, cormorants, and birds as large as wild turkeys and turkey vultures.
  • Tested in vineyards, blueberries, and golf courses.
  • All steel construction. Wt.8 lbs.
  • 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • Use 10 ft section of 1/2" dia. galvanized/plumbers pipe for pole (not included).

To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622. E-mail us at: for questions.

"We used the windmills on starlings and they worked very well. Next we're going to use them on the farm with nuisance wild turkeys." Vineyard Mgr, Korbel Vineyards

"The windmills have worked great on the turkeys. I haven't had to use the sound system yet and hope I don't have to. Thank you," Bill Bostwick, Lily, WI

"The ScareWindmill did such a good job scaring away vultures from our feed mill, we recommended them to our other feed mills."
Cal Maine Foods -Bethune, SC

"Many grape growers in New York State and California experience severe damage from wild much as 30% loss. The way to tell if the culprits are wild turkeys verses, say raccoons, is that turkeys forage during he day, clean the stems so that there won't be any grape skins lying on the ground. Raccoons, on the other hand, eat at night and only eat the pulp and leave a mess on the ground.

"Wild turkeys usually stay close to the woods and forage only during the day usually on acorns and insects, However, they love fully ripened grapes when they're about to be harvested.With the 'eagle' and 'Scare Windmill' we were pretty well covered. Kept the turkeys and most of the birds out. So, we ended up with quite a few grapes this year. 3/4 of a acre and we harvested about 3 tons. So had a good year. First time in a long time so thanx for your great products."--Rick Runyon


     Flying eagle kites by Jackite fly menacingly from pole to repel wild turkeys around landscaping, crops or buildings. $66.95

A combination of the ScareWindmill and the eagle Jackite get the best results. Windmill seen as birds flying away in fright and kite represents predator.

  • 3-D design and 4 color graphics depict every feather of an eagle.
  • Emulates the flight of a real eagle. Wings actually flap as it flies.
  • Proven effective for repelling wild turkeys, Canada geese, and ducks around pools, corporate landscapes, apartment buildings, and field crops.
  • Waterproof and tear resistant.
  • Made with lightweight Tyvek with tensile strength greater than steel.
  • Can withstand winds up to 35 mph. Heavy duty steel linerig available for winds up to 50 mph ($4 extra).
  • Eagle kite has 5 ft. wingspan. 7 foot lead included.
  • 20 ft telescoping fiberglass pole $31. extra. In windy areas with winds over 35 mph we recommend the heavy duty 17ft platinum pole: $31
  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • Eagle Jackite demo (long download)

To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622 E-mail us at: for questions.

Fiberglass Windsock Arm for fiberglass pole...$3.95 Keeps line from wrapping around pole.

 Fiberglass poie Arm for fiberglass pole...$3.95 Keeps line from wrapping around pole.
Pole holders
   Ground mount:$14.95 Deck mount: $9.00 Wall mount: $14.95

"We found the eagle Jackkite and windmills worked well for Canada geese when used together but did not find the windmills effective when used alone.  We're now going to be using them on turkeys in eastern Montana."--
Joe Weigand
Wildlife Resource Specialist Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

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