Choosing the right BIRD GARD PRO

 BiRD GARD PRO for 1 acre

 BIRD GARD PRO PLUS for 3 acres

 BIRD GARD SUPER PRO for 6 acres

MEGA PRO covers up to 30 acres

New SUPER PRO with Wireless Speakers

BIRD GARD PRO Harassment

 BIRD GARD PRO for cedar waxwings

BIRD GARD PRO for crow control

  BIRD GARD Testimonials


ScareWindmill Visual Bird Repeller

Wild Turkey control

Predator kites for bird control 

 Canada geese control

 Pigeon, starling, & sparrow traps


  BOBBEX all natural deer repellent

  DEER SHIELD audio deer repeller

NITE GUARD Predator Eye

Predator kites for bird control

Click on cow for Bird Gard on dairies

Bird Gard Mega PRO with 200 watt amplifier covers up to 30 acres

Special price: $2799. List $3500

Bird Gard PRO Wireless transmitter broadcasts sounds up to 1000 ft in all directions. Can cover up to 48 acres with 8 remote speaker receivers


The Deer Shield Super PRO uses a deer's natural instincts to repel them from orchards, crops, landscaping, and gardens. Digital recordings of aggressive, hostile and territorial deer trigger a primal fear and flee response.

Bird Gard for Crows

"How" you use the  products is just as important as "what" the products do. 

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